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I've recently began wearing glasses again.  I had Lasik surgery several years ago, but they tell you upfront, that it's not permanent.  Over time, the effects of aging will take their toll and you'll still need vision correction as you approach middle age.  The thing I find out is that my need is inconsistent.  I generally use them for driving at night, although , what drove me to get them was the discomfort I experience on a daily basis, due to the long hours I spend in front of a computer for work.

Today, I'm noticing the oddly inconstant level of discomfort.  For the first time in weeks, I'm finding myself at the computer with my glasses OFF, giving my eyes a break from vision correction.  It's been quite the opposite for the month or two since I started wearing them again.  Usually, I could only stand to use the compute for a few minutes at time, without them.

Considering I wrote an entire graphic novel about a character having vision problems, it's kind of a thing with me.

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